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Selfless Self
"The Authorized and Definitive Book of Teachings of Sri Ramakant Maharaj".
Direct Teachings of Sri Ramakant Maharaj
Direct Knowledge, Spontaneous Knowledge.
Knowledge that is prior to, and beyond words. Universal Knowledge that is inherently yours.

Sri Ramakant Maharaj  is a Self-Realized Master,  a Jnani, who teaches in English, (as well as Marathi).  Sri Ramakant lives in Nashik, Maharashtra. Visitors from all over the world  are travelling to the Ashram in  India to be in the  Presence of this rare  Master, to listen to the teachings  and receive the Naam Mantra of the Lineage.

"Selfless Self Press"  was  established in 2013 (by Charles & Ann Shaw), to publish the Advaitin/Non-Dual Teachings of the living Self-Realized Master,  Sri  Ramakant Maharaj,  and the Lineage Masters, of the Inchegiri Navnath Sampradaya.  recognizes the  Universal  import and Relevance of  this  Highest  Knowledge  expressed  by  the Masters of this Lineage.  aims to  present the  teachings of  Sri Ramakant Maharaj  in  an  undiluted,   clear and  accurate way,   with the intention of  reaching as  wide  an  audience  as  possible.   By so doing,  those  who  might  never  have encountered  these  wonderful teachings,   will  now  have  a  fresh  opportunity  to  do  so,   through  "Selfless Self Press"  publications.   In  seeking to spread awareness of Sri Ramakant Maharaj, and his lineage,  books are widely distributed  and available to order from large retail outlets.  They will also be made available in foreign languages.

Selfless Self: Talks with Shri Ramakant Maharaj  published    April 2015  - 1st edition. (8.X8") 500PP   ISBN: 978-0992875602

Published November '15     2nd Edition (9 x6") 436PP   ISBN:  978-0992875619 

New Edition Published 2016 (9X6) 475PP ISBN: 978-0995473454


French translation of Selfless Self Publication April 2016  Soi Sans Soi :    Entretiens Avec  Shri Ramakant Maharaj 520pages.  ISBN: 978-0992875657

Translations shortly to be published include:
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Korean Edition

Be With You

Pocket sized (6X4") edition   with  over  200 pages  of  quotes from the Master in simple clear text for  easy  reading  and absorption.  218 PP  Publ. March 2016.   ISBN: 978-0992875640


TASTER: Listen to the first 10 Chapters of "Selfless Self"